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About Us

What’s The Buzz About Artistic Buzz?

Submit one or more photos of the special people in your life –  and a custom, digitally hand-painted work of art will be created to your specifications.


Paintings can be created from snapshots….



vintage family photos…

The restored and painted portrait of Mom as a little girl
Little Mom, The Painting


wedding photos…..



and Smartphone photos – taken in the moment…

Soft watercolor portrait of a newborn baby girl in her mother's arms
It’s My Birthday


Artistic Buzz was founded in 2007 by Elizabeth Murphy, an artist and veterinarian dedicated to the celebration of art in digital form. She creates extraordinary works that reveal the richness of the “everyday” in order to provoke emotional engagement with the people, animals and places we all encounter in our daily lives.


Commission Your Own Work Of Art Now!


“Art must be an expression of love or it is nothing.”
Marc Chagall