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Groupon Users FAQ

For all those that have purchased Groupons:  THANK-YOU!  We hope we can provide meaningful and aesthetically pleasing portraits for you to treasure for years to come! 


1)  What is the Groupon for, exactly?

You paid $99.99 for one custom digitally-painted portrait of one subject printed on a 16″ X 20″ gallery-wrapped Canvas  (Regular price $275.00 – this is the regular portrait fee of $200.00 plus regular printing fee on 16″ X 20″ canvas of $75.00).
If you would like the final portrait to be printed on a different surface or at a different size, the final cost (excluding taxes and shipping) will be the retail value for that size and surface minus the Groupon’s $275.00 value. 

Example:  If you would like the portrait printed on glass (instead of canvas) at a size of 16″ X 20″ – the regular price would be:  Portrait fee of $200.0 plus printing fee of $145.00, total $345.00 minus $275.00, and you would pay an additional $70.00 for that printing and size choice.  Prices for the other sizes and the other printing choices are on the website.


Shipping price is $15.00. United States Only, excluding Hawaii and Alaska
2)  How is this redeemed?

Redeem through website and contact the artist using the email address on the website.  She will then email a form to the you (to get client information, shipping address, etc along with some questions regarding style, pose and color preferences for the portrait.

3)  Do I go into a studio for a session?

No – this is a portrait to be painted using a photo or, preferably, several photos, as a reference.

4)  Do I send in a photo or image?

Yes – once you have contacted the artist via email and have provided the Groupon voucher number, she will email you a form the fill out.  When you return the form, you will attach the photo or photos. Having more than one photo submitted is helpful to the artist, as people and pets look different in different lighting conditions and poses, and this also gives the artist a little information about the subject’s character and personality.

5)  Why do I have to fill out a form?

This form will ask some basic, mundane questions like name, address, shipping info, etc. – but, since this is a custom, uniquely-designed portrait, there will be other more interesting questions to answer, such as style preferences (realistic vs impressionistic, for example), pose preferences (do you prefer the portrait to be very similar to one particular photo, or can the artist choose the best one or ones to use as a reference), and color preference (bright, muted, dominant color choice).

6) What is the  contact email?